Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tokyo Train Tech Talk

I want to regularly talk about the gadgets I see during my commutes here in the greater Tokyo era. So, I'll periodically write under this banner when I can.

Today I want to mention something I've noticed more of on the train in the last month - Sony PSPs. This is a big surprise to me, as PSPs have not sold as well as the Nintendo DS. However, in the last month, I've seen one or two DS units, and perhaps one PSP nearly every day I've used the train. I would also note that the typical PSP user is an adult male, and even dudes in their 30's and 40's. Usually I see kids with the DS. Now I want to figure out what people are doing with their PSP units. I've seen a few people playing games, but I've also noticed some folks using the PSP for music and others for movies. Recently, I'm trying to lighten my load, so I'm whipping out my PSP less often to revel in my nerdery.

I also notice a few more folks in the PSP aisles at electronic stores in the last few weeks. Perhaps one reason for this was the lack of DS Lite units when the were first introduced. Another reason might be the availability of more accessories, and better PSP software. Although I've said previously that the DS's size gave it the edge in the Japanese market, others have noticed the lack of any killer apps on the PSP - like Nintendogs. (Yuck!) So, perhaps something has changed, and older consumers are regarding the PSP as something more than a game platform, because of the improvements in firmware.

The other thing I've noted recently during my commutes are that Japanese iPod users seem to come in two classes. People either love to use their standard issue iPod earphones or they go to the other extreme and plug a set of big, bulky headphones into their iPods. I think the latter group is trying to come off as true audiophiles. I rarely see people using non-Apple earbuds or plugs - but perhaps I'm not paying close enough attention.

Anyway, that's all for now.

(Note: Photo is from a でんしゃ おたく website called "Odakyu@Train")

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