Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mac News Snoozers

Well, it seems that there isn't anything from Apple worth talking about these days - so the only thing we have to get excited about is the introduction of a new and Universal version of... ARA, errr... ARD - Apple Remote Desktop.


TUAW has decided to make the lack of Apple Info even more bland by telling us about Tuesdays new iTunes store announcements, and even the deals section. OMG!

Well, perhaps I shouldn't blame TUAW and others, as Apple has pretty much created the void by not creating anything new during this time period. It's our own fault, perhaps, that we have such anticipation for something new and flashy. But Apple should have done something cool with it's 30th anniversary. Oh well. I suppose now we are realizing that Apple may have blown its proverbial wad.

Still, I wonder. I've read that Apple has subcontracted out designs of its Intel motherboards to... Intel. Just what are they spending their R&D dollars on? Designs of portals to sell feature length videos?! Geez, I hope not. Still, I wonder why we aren't seeing something of Apple's innovative spirit in the last few months. The iPod HiFi doesn't count folks.

I guess I have to keep chanting this mantra over and over... MacPDA- MacPDA...

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