Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More App Store BS

Look's like Apple has made the situation worse - removing the 'all apps' listings. So none of the lists are unfiltered (except for top apps?). This means you have to waste more time searching for apps and there is no way to get unbiased, listings unaffected by promotions.

I sent this feedback to Apple and hope that others will similarly do so:

I'm offended that Apple does not represent apps in the app store appropriately, and has removed the best option for finding an unfiltered listing of recent apps. I could care less about the iTunes store recommendations for apps. Don't need it, won't look at them. 
Every category (except top paid/free apps) is filtered through some kind of promoted or featured system which doesn't reflect what is actually available. Even the "New" listing does not reflect all the new apps - just what the iTunes store recommends. Worse, the best option for finding unfiltered content (all apps for iPhone or iPod Touch) has been REMOVED. What's up with that? 
This is totally bogus and offensive to consumers. Let us make the judgement of what we want, not your advertisers or app developers or staff. And I'd have to say it's a non-Apple way of doing things - or at least was. 
Fix this, like yesterday or expect more pissed off customers.