Tuesday, April 25, 2006

17" MacBook Pro Released.... whoopee.

Well, Apple dribbled out a product in uncharacteristically low key style today. They released their aircraft carrier-sized PowerBook in it's Intel format, the 17" MacBook Pro, at the NAB conference.

Reaction to the new Mac has been a bit muted, and it's not clear why. Perhaps folks expected this one to come out anyway, or the rather low key venue for the announcement limited our expectations considerably. However, I feel the best explanation is that nobody was too excited about this over sized laptop - hoping for a 13 incher instead.

I've said it before, Apple needs to focus on making a laptop as small and functional as the tiny 1kG offerings from Panasonic, Sony and other PC makers. Making big boats like the 17" doesn't address this glaring hole in Apple's line-up.

I don't think it's a mystery why Mac sales in Japan have plummeted 20% in the last quarter.

Make 'em small, Apple, and make 'em quick.

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