Wednesday, April 05, 2006

MacZot a RipOff?

I'm not sure what happened, but apparently enough folks (including me) linked to MacZot for their BlogZot to make AppZapper free - but the link to actually obtain the free app was nowhere to be seen when I looked for it (before the deadline, even). I even sent a mail to be certain. But nothing.

I'm kind of... P.O.d about it. Heck, it's not the money - $20 isn't a lot for a good app. It's my time and the principle of the thing. I'm not sure I'll promote MacZot anymore, unless they come clean on this one.

Given that I saved every one 5 cents by linking to MacZot, and I didn't even get a copy of the app - I sort of think everyone owes ME that 5 cents... Let's see 5 cents X 5000 people is... $250!

Pay up MacZot.

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