Thursday, June 01, 2006

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One of the apps promoted on MacZot in the last MegaZot was "Pzizz", a nap and sleep aid. Bloggers that promoted Pzizz for MacZot even got free modules for the app, and I was one of these folks. We got Pzizz with two modules: Energizer and Sleep. I tried a 'sleep' nap yesterday, putting it on my iPod, to try and sleep earlier than I usually do. I'm not sure if it worked, but I did fall asleep before the 30 minute recording ended. I felt very tired this morning, but I didn't sleep much. This is usual for me, unfortunately.

Pzizz generates a sound file with soothing sounds and voice designed to help you take really good naps or help you sleep. You open the app, choose your nap type and how many you wish to generate. There is another option to export your nap as a sound file, or even directly to iTunes.

The recording I heard was pleasant, with relaxing sound effects overlaid by a person speaking in low tones. If have to admit, I thought the male voice was a bit too mamby-pamby annoying if I paid attention to what he was saying. I'm hoping that I can hear other voices with other naps. I'm also hoping this isn't a form of hypnotism that will make me email my credit card info to someone while I'm in my sleep.

Anyway, I hope to hear others' experience with Pzizz and will report my own over the next few days.

I'll give Pzizz a spin, and let you know if it improves my sleep.

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