Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Life2Go (ne´e Pod2Go) only $5

Pod2Go has been updated recently, and has even changed the name of their app to 'Life2Go'. I'm unsure if this is because of Apple's lawyers...

This app is used to sync various info to your iPod in excess of iSync, and has lots of nifty features for North Americans and Europeans - like weather forecasts, news, driving directions, & cheapest local gas stations. There are other decent features for the rest of us: transfer of text docs (even pdf) to iPod, back ups for your Mac, contacts/calendar/bookmark download, song lyrics.

The normal price on this app is $12.99, but today (only) you can get it on MacZot for $5.00!

I've never used this application, but this sounds like a very good deal for a well-rated application. I'm going to pick up a license, just for kicks.

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