Thursday, June 15, 2006

Missing Sync for PSP

You may be familiar with the Missing Sync line of apps for synching contact and other info between Macs and PDAs (Windows Mobile and PalmOS), as well as SideKick phones. Well, now Mark/Space is offering Missing Sync for PSP.

Now, I've never used Mark/Space's PDA/Phone synch apps, but the PSP app looks very interesting to me. I've been using another such app, PSPware, for quite some time, and have been mostly satisfied with it. Unfortunately, NullRiver hasn't updated PSPware for a long time - their change log suggests several months. Maybe they are focusing too much on their iPod synch app. I've also had some problems getting PSPware to open the right directory on my external drive - where I keep the PSPware folder.

Well, MS PSP has a feature set that encompasses (or nearly so) PSPware, and goes a large step beyond - at least on paper. The "WebSnacks" allows you to download blogs, websites, etc to your PSP and update them whenever you plug in. They also have some sort of notebook feature, web browser themes, as well as detailed contact info and calendars.

The price of MS PSP is US$29.95 - about twice that of PSPware. I'll probably give this a try, as it seems to move the PSP a ways towards having PDA functionality.

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