Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mac News Shorts

Apple Cuts & Runs from India
I caught this via SlashDot - Apple computer pulled its software development/support team out of Bangalore less than 2 months after starting operations there. The Times of India reports
that Apple has fired all 30 its software dev/support team there, but leaves about 25 people for its India sales/marketing division. Bizarrely, no explanation was given for this move to employees - and Apple released only a brief statement that they would be putting more emphasis on other countries.

I dunno - his Steveness must have seen something that really pissed him off, as India is the crown jewel in the tech industry these days, particularly for software coding and offshore tech support. I would think it would be a good location culturally and language-wise for this kind of thing - certainly much better than China.

A business analyst has proposed that Apple and RIM should (and could) be working together on a future hybrid product. A Canadian paper (Globe and Mail) is reporting that the same analyst who predicted RIM/Intel's tie-up, Peter Misek, is predicting Apple and RIM would reap multiple benefits from such relationship. Both companies have similar development styles, but ego's would have to be blended for it to work. Thanks to the Huffington Post for flagging this one.

A Mac/Tech video blog called CommandN may be of interest to some of you. MacZot promoted them on their website, and I took a bit of time to check it out recently. This is a Mac-centric blog out (or 'oot') of Canada, and they seem to cover a wide range of topics, even business. I found their latest episode (#47) to be interesting, and was surprised how slick it was. Their ads were tastefully done at the end, near the credits (Yo, RocketBoom pay attention to that), and the segways were very professional. My quibbles: a bit long in duration and they should kill the squeaky guy (Mike?), as his voice is super-annoying. I'll probably check 'em out again.

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