Thursday, May 18, 2006

Store Impression of MacBook

MacKenchi's man on the street - Jason - took the time to email me his impressions of the new MacBook at a Japanese electronics retailer yesterday. Here is what he said (though slightly edited).

"Just laid hands on a MacBook. very nice design, keyboard is good for typing, mag latch is very cool. Mag AC plug is very nice.

I don't like the glossy screen at all. Matte black (case) looks odd and dull, but a glossy case would have been cool. Bic Camera deviously doesn't have the battery in the display models. I pointed this out to the staff and asked if it was because it was too omoi (heavy). She said "yes"! Other than the weight and glossy screen, a very nice system."

I wonder how many other retailers will display the MacBook in this way. I'm not sure you would see that in the US or Europe. Hopefully, I'll get a peek at the MacBook Sunday on my pilgrimage to Akihabara.

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