Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New 13" Mac Laptop Coming?

Well, rumor has it that Apple will announce its third Intel laptop on May 9th (the 10th to us in Japan). Think Secret claims that they'll call it the MacBook (BOO!) and that it will come in two colors: black and white (Yawn).

It's not entirely clear to me that this story is accurate, but I certainly welcom a new laptop. But if the details are accurate I would be a bit disappointed. I favor keeping 'iBook' as a name for consumer laptops. MacBook just doesn't roll off the tongue so nicely. I also hope they'll release something other than a monochrome color - though not fluorescent.

Again, I feel these laptops need to be thin, lightweight (<1.5kg!) and attractive to women to return to prominence in the Japan market. I know my wife won't want one otherwise.

I just don't get why Apple can't release a truly kick-ass laptop. They are rollin' in dough and on a spending spree, according to TUAW. Apparently they threw $700 on retail outlets and the Apple campus. How about ramping up the R&D for the computing platform, eh?

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