Friday, May 12, 2006

Death Blow to Windows

The other day, I was talking to the computer lab guy, "J", from my campus about Windows Vista. He's about my age, and quite knowledgeable about PCs - but a Windows guy. J is one of those PC folks who isn't a Windoze bigot, and has always been impressed with what I do with Macs.

On this day, we got around to something he often ends up saying when we talk computers, "Apple should release their OS for use on any Intel machine."

Usually, I respond to this with, "Well - it will never happen, because Apple wants to control their hardware or they can't make enough profit to survive."

However, before I could repeat this mantra - I stopped. I asked "J" when he thought Vista might come out. And he replied, "June... of NEXT year." He also explained that several of Vista's intended features were sidelined - yet the timetable still was delayed.

At this point, I had an epiphany of sorts. Why doesn't Apple release OSX for non-Apple PCs RIGHT NOW? I mean, this is the PERFECT time. Vista isn't anywhere near completion, and there is a vast market of Windoze users getting fed up with their OS falling behind. And if Apple's OSX is solid enough for general use, they would absolutely mop up the floor with disenfranchised Windoze users.

And right now is the time, when MS and Windoze are at their most vulnerable state. If Apple did this and plays their cards right, it would literally be a "coup de gras" to Windows.

My friend "J" agrees, and affirms that he'd buy OSX if it were available.

So, how about it Steve? The time is ripe.

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