Monday, March 27, 2006

New Apple Goodies Coming?

Well, April 1 is coming, and the big surprise is that there are no surprises. Well, there are no press events announced by Apple, as many suggested there would be. So, what does this mean? Good question.

Some Tech/Mac blogs suggested that there will be some low-key rollouts over the next two days. The suggestion is that these would be some Intel versions of iBooks or updated iPods, but nothing super exciting. Other tech blogs suggest nothing will come out in April, and Apple will blow its proverbial wad this summer, perhaps in June. Some sites, including financial news entities have suggested the iPhone is ready to fly.

Well, I don't have any inside sources, but I'm going to make a guess at what could happen.

I think most people feel that Apple's last event was pretty anticlimatic and disappointing. So, perhaps Apple wants to keep things low key, in order to avoid that situation. It's hard for me to believe they won't take advantage of their 30th anniversary to wow us with something. So... here's what I think. I think Apple is going to make the most of the day, April 1st. I think at the last minute they'll announce some really amazing stuff, then play it off as an April Fools joke. Or at least make us think we have been fooled. Then *wham* we will be hit with the fact that some of their fake announcements are real.

So what *could* they announce to shock us? iPhone? Maybe. Touch-screen - vid iPod? Maybe.
Or how about a MacPDA? Hmmm...

I'll be in Okinawa next week, and probably miss any news details on April 1. Let's see if I'm correct when I get back.

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Jason said...

I'm disappointed there isn't a huge event to be looking forward to right now. I'm really hoping for a slim laptop of some kind to be release, not for me, but for Yuki. She wants to go Mac, but likes adorable and small looking tech, so right not Apple has nothing available.

I'd buy an iPhone if released under Au.

But, what I really want, since it's in my budget, is a bluetooth Mighty Mouse, even though I just spent ¥5,900 yen on a wireless mouse 2 days ago. I'd gladly eat it to go back to bluetooth.