Sunday, March 19, 2006



This blog is being created as a forum for my Mac and tech-related opinions and ranting. I may have a couple guest 'ranters' from time to time, but hope to post most of the content myself.

A bit about me - I'm a expat university professor working in the Tokyo area, and have been using Macs since 1989 or so for my research and entertainment purposes. I think living in Japan gives me a unique perspective on what's useful and worthwhile in all things tech related.

I would classify my self as an eclectic Mac user, and definitely not a fanboy. I often have a harsh view of what Apple does, despite my love of their OS. My guess, though, is that my perspective is pretty warped - hopefully it will be entertaining for you.

I've had several Macs in my lifetime. My first was an SE/30, which got me through my early days of graduate school. I followed that up with a PowerBook 100 (used), then a PowerComputing Clone (best Mac I ever had), then an aqua (Bondi?) clamshell iBook, followed by a 400Mhz G4 15" TiBook, a 1.33Ghz G4 12" PB, and lastly a G5 20" iMac (last model). I still have the latter three computers, though the TiBook screen is not working, and it sits idle in our spare room connected to an external monitor. I use the 12" PB to give my lectures, and for molecular biology work at a Japanese university. The 20" iMac is our home desktop computer, and I really like it (despite having bought it 3 weeks before the intel iBooks were released).

I also have various accessories - most notable are my 20gb 3G iPod, 4gb nano, and PSP. :-) I run a wireless LAN via AirMac Express from our broadband connection, and pump audio to my JBL creatures. I used to own a Newton a long time ago in Hawaii, but got tired of it - sold it off to buy my first Powerbook, maybe.

So, now that you have an idea of my toys, I suppose you'll want to come and ransack my apartment. :-P

Oh - one more thing. The name means "Mac Viewpoint" in Japanese, in case you were wondering.

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