Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Woo - colored iPod Shuffles

Big bleeping deal.


Jason said...

Actually, the orange Shuffle has caused a bit of buzz online and I checked it out in person and might eventually buy it as my MP3 player for when I go hiking (not to listen to while hiking, but on the long train rides out there, and when on the mountain it will be very light in my pack).

Also, like 3 days ago your whole blog wouldn't load in Safari, and the past 2 days can't post comments in Safari. Using Firefox now to do this.

umijin said...

Blog problem is Blogger-related. I don't know much about why it causes you problems. I can usually leave comments (like now) with Safari.

As for the new shuffles, the colors don't represent any real advance. That's my beef. Style only goes so far.