Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mac Sales Up 28%*

*Except in Japan.

AppleInsider reports for Apple's Q107 report, "Apple Japan accounted for 70,000 Mac sales and $285 million in revenues. These figures are down 14 percent and 20 percent year-over-year. Sequentially, Mac units in Japan were up 13 percent while revenues were flat."

So, they got a bit of a holiday bump in sales, but compared to last year sales are considerably lower. Lower than the already low from a year ago!

WTF. Japan is the second biggest consumer nation after the US. Japanese really like well designed, "cute" products. iPod sales stayed at the same level, but they increased elsewhere. Maybe the shine is off the Apple in Japan, because the current iPods are really not very innovative (and we will not see the phones for a year, if ever) and falling behind. And there's the fact that Japanese like small and compact products - which none of the current laptops are.

Why the hell would anyone buy a 5lb MacBook, when they can get the same speed and size for the same price (or better) in a Windows laptop, but at least a pound lighter? Really, Apple. Without a 12" laptop, most Japanese people aren't going to even blink at your portables. And the rest of the line-up is overweight. Yeah, you got the OS thing down pat. Now get your hardware up to par or start licensing your OS.

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