Saturday, January 27, 2007

AlSoft Laggards

 Wow. I thought Hawai'ian time was bad. 

I ordered the update to DiskWarrior from the maker, Alsoft on Dec 31st (2006). The older version doesn't boot on my G5 iMac, but works still on my (dying) G4 PowerBook.

Recently I began to wonder what happened to that order, but had forgotten when I had placed it. Well today, I got an email from the company telling me my order had shipped.  Had shipped?!


It takes them 4 weeks to put the goddamn CD in the mail? What do they do, hand etch the CDs with lasers under a microscope? I mean this company is in Texas for Chrissakes, not Jamaica or Pakistan. Are they understaffed?

I mean, bless their hearts for shipping to me at an APO address. (Lots of companies won't). And kudos to them for making a well-regarded product (DW ain't too shabby). But 4 weeks? 

I could understand them using surface mail or something, so that it took a while to get here. But this, folks, is ridiculous.