Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ultrathin 12" MacBook Pro on the way?

MacScoop is reporting the likelihood of a ultrathin form-factor MacBook Pro, perhaps coming in the spring, and in the $1700-1800 price range, featuring Core 2 Duos and optical drives. Woohoo! (Betcha it can't be this cheap though...)

This is pretty cool, but ABOUT FREAKIN' TIME.

What I thought was funny or ludicrous was the negative reaction to such a product from several commentors over at ArsTechnica. Naysayers were claiming that it can't be manufactured. Typical sheep comment from someone who hasn't seen the Windows ultraportables with similar stats already on the market. A couple people even complained about a thin laptop, said they wouldn't want one, and Apple has no business making one. WTF! I guess these guys haven't had the pleasure of hauling their laptops for hours while commuting by train, bus, or bike. Are these the same morons who think that 5 lbs is acceptable for a laptop in a world of Intel laptops much less than that? I just don't understand why these people wouldn't want Apple to expand their product line. Unbelievable MacSheep nonsense.

But it's still only a rumor. Try. Not. To. Hope. Too. Much.

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Jason said...

Yeah, I can't see how expanding the Mac laptop lineup by one or two more models can hurt, they are already flying off the shelf. When there are basically only 2 choices, having 3 or even 4 won't confuse customers too much compared to the what 7 or 8 most PC manufacturers put out?

Still, I doubt Apple will ever be able to put out a laptop that surpasses the 15" Alu Powerbook in beauty....I think the MacBook Pro losses a few points in the beauty department by name alone, not to mention that black dot at the top of the bezel and less lines of vertical resolution.