Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holiday Cocoa Duel

I've had a bad day. Damn train stopped on my way to work for 15 minutes, someone stole lab gear from my teaching lab, there's no snow here, only drunken ojisan's falling on me on the train, my wife's got mastitis again (complete with 103° fever), and the baby has decided to start blowing snot all over me.

But this really made me smile a bit - the Holiday Cocoa Duel . Developers have volunteered to make holiday themed apps, and if you like them you donate something to charity.

Some are pretty cool - Snowy gives you two penguins walking across your screen with snow falling and some snowmen (some decapitated) scattered about.

Santa Snaps is a hoiday themed photobooth that overlays holiday regalia over your images.

Santa's Gizmo is a gift tracker, allowing the ultimate consumer to track and organize the gifts he buys. (I'm not going to run the gift rat race this year - so not for me.)

Snowplane is apparently the current winner in donations, but it doesnt' seem to do much. Can't figure it out.

Anyway, check 'em out.


Jonathan Grynspan said...

Snowplane turns your desktop into a snowglobe. If you're not seeing anything, take a look at the desktop under all those windows. :)

umijin said...

Hmmm... I only see a darkened background with some some snow coming down.

But I don't have a motion sensor - that matter?

Jonathan Grynspan said...

That's all it's supposed to do. It also responds to pressure from the mouse button. This has all been covered in the comments of the post on :)

Were you expecting the moon after only three days of coding time? :P

umijin said...

Ahhh... I now I see what it does. If you hold down the mouse button and shake it - it makes the snow fly around. OK.

I also have Snow running, which adds its own snow - makes it harder to see. Oops.

BTW - The comments I read yesterday didn't explain this in any detail. But it's a nice effect! Thanks Jon!