Thursday, June 24, 2010

iOS 4 Leaves iPod Touch G1 in the Cold

Thanks for nothing Apple.

The newest OS update for iPod Touch and iPhone (formally iPhone x.x) is iOS 4. Apple chose not to support its first generation iPhone and iPod Touch devices with the OS, and only partly support devices other than the iPhone 3GS and iPad and iPhone 4.

I don't blame Apple for not wanting to implement all the parts of iOS 4 on older devices. Multitasking and complex graphics won't fly on the 1G devices. But by leaving users without any OS upgrade path, it also leaves those users with no way to update the apps they have already purchased or downloaded on their devices. And new apps won't work on iOS 4, AFAIK. This is because devs have no incentive or way to make their iOS 4 apps backwards compatible.

In one fell swoop, Apple has cut off these users from access to new apps or new versions iOS 3 apps from the App store. Users of 1 G devices get app upgrade notices, but can't take advantage of them at all.

Hey, I don't need multitasking or bluetooth keyboard connectivity, or the myriad of other features iOS 4 has. But the cutoff from the app store (and fixes to my current apps) is really unforgivable.

Thanks for nothing to those of us that got the iPhone & iPod Touch ball rolling in the first place.

Way to go, greedsters.


JP said...

I agree, why couldn’t Apple just throw us G1 users a bone and give us at least some sort of scaled back version of IOS4. I understand the hardware limitations of this older product and could live with just minor upgrades like maybe folders?

barmakid said...

So if I have a g1 itouch, I can't access the app store from my itouch? becaue right now, I have an itouch g1 and i don't know how to download apps. Can you help me?

umijin said...

@barmakid - no, you can still access the app store from you iPod touch. You just can't use apps that aren't compatible with iOS 3.x, which is quite a few.

In your iPod touch, make sure you are on a wifi network, then open the App Store button. You'll see a button to the iTunes store, as well as an Updates button.