Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MacKenchi Recommends CardRaider

For the next 4 hours you can get a discount on CardRaider on MacZot - discounted to $11.95 from $19.95. If you use digital cameras, this is a great tool for recovering media you accidentally deleted - or got corrupted.

I used it last weekend to recover a movie file accidentally deleted from a card in one of our point and shoot cameras. I tried several other recover apps (including Disk Warrior II) - only CardRaider found the file. Some of the other dedicated camera card recovery apps didn’t even recognize .avi files or other movie formats.

If you use Macs and digicams, I recommend you take advantage of this price while you can. Otherwise, you might be paying the full price later on, when you really need this app to save your bacon.

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