Saturday, July 12, 2008

Top Ten Reasons I won't be getting an iPhone (in Japan)

10. SoftBank will run out of them quickly.

9. Some SoftBank dealers are racist and charge gaijin extra money and/or won't sell to them if they can't show a long-term Japanese visa.

8. I wouldn't be able to activate one right now anyway.

7. SoftBank's signal coverage is worse than AU, my current carrier.

6. The iPhone isn't waterproof, like my Casio G'Zone

5. My wife won't switch to SoftBank, so texting will be a bitch, and cost more.

Even ¥7300 yen per month is too much! My wife and I have two phones for ¥5000-6300 per month (total) with AU. Beat that, SoftBank.

3. Another "Made in China" product.

2. I rarely use the phone anyway, and I already have an iPod Touch.

And the number one reason is:

1. Frankly, I spend too much time on the internet already. I don't need more access to online content.


Jason said...

I hear you about spending too much time online, but I found yesterday that I'd like to have it sitting nearby when teaching as it would be useful for doing a quick Google search to find the answer to say, "what's the name of the Desperate Housewife who has all the kids?"

Or, when I'm out and about I'd like to know some quick fact I can't recall. Plus having easy access to my real e-mail account, and not just my cell-phone provider's (Au) e-mail.

Japanese phones are high glam features that are not really useful, and non-existent on real-world productivity features like push-e-mail and one-touch real-internet access.

One thing I heard about the iPhone, that I wouldn't like at all is that you can't immediately take a photo with the iPhone then send it to people. I don't see the point in having a camera in a phone if you can't do that.

umijin said...

I think your illustration shows us how dependent (or addicted) we are to the web.

BTW, I can access gmail and hotmail via my AU phone. Haven't tried Yahoo mail. If you have an iPhone, this is really no different -you just pay more for the monthly service.

The features that the iPhone has lacking in the Touch are the phone, camera, and gps. Camera - I can take it or leave it. The iPhone, I'm told, is not a very good for telephoning. GPS would be interesting, but...