Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WWDC Crystal Ball

This is a bit late, but let's give the old Magic Eight Ball a shake and see what comes up.

What we need

1. iPods - the current full-sized models are horribly out of date with screens not worthy of any movie viewing.

2. Mini - this line needs to be revamped or cancelled. The minis are great machines, but overpriced for what you get.

3. UltraPortable MacBooks - The Japan market is falling through the floor, because Apple can't or won't do what every Windows laptop maker does - sell a small Intel-based portable at 4lbs or under.

4. iLife '07 - Can't understand why this is delayed any further, unless it's Leopard specific.

5. iPhone - for the rest of the world. Apple's focus on the US market is boring to use overseas. And it's shocking that they would release a state of the art phone without 3G.

What I want

1. Ultraportable MacBook - My hip needs to be replaced, and lugging 5lb computers on the train doesn't cut it. And my 12" G4 isn't cutting it very well either these days.

2. Real Video iPod - Frankly, my PSP does video better than any iPod on the market. I don't have to squint at the screen. There's no reason Apple can't come through on this.

What we'll get

1. Previews of Leopard (ho-hum... Xmas now?)

2. iPhone hype - let's hope for more Google stuff and less Yahoo junk.

3. iTV Add-ons - Apple needs to prop up this listing ship soon before the rest of us are bored out of our minds.

In Closing

I don't anticipate much here, but hope that Apple will finally do something to keep me in the fold. Let's hope I can stay awake long enough.

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